[Karachi: 28th March 2013]: YOC'A, Pakistan's premier home couture brand, unveiled their exclusive Trousseau collection of furniture and fabrics on the 28th of March 2013 at their Karachi flagship store; 14-C Lane 7, Main Khayaban-e-Bukhari Commercial Phase 6, D.H.A. from 6pm onwards.

With the 'Trousseau Collection 2013', YOC'A showcased an exemplary pairing of both contemporary and heritage pieces. This mix of furniture, although primarily for newlyweds had something for everyone as the styles presented by YOC'A's Artists; Sarah, Ahsan and Zayd were diverse and appealed to varying tastes. The show included furniture, fabrics and art and lighting carefully selected for all rooms of the house. The trend in the show was to pair more casually finished pieces with opulent ones to create a dynamic that is affordable yet luxurious. Based in a color pallete of soothing greys and beiges, the collection infused hints of color like emerald green, 2013's color of the year, making an appearance. Metals such as brass, steel and expensive stones also appeared on some of the heirloom pieces.

The unveiling was attended by a diversity of personalities including photographer Amean J, model and actress Aamina Sheikh, fashion designers Bunto Kazmi and Sania Maskatiya and fashion retailer Asad Tareen. From a design perspective, with YOC'A's Trousseau Collection 2013 showcased collectable furniture with one of a kind heirloom pieces infused with simpler pieces, revival of ancient techniques such as the hand cross stitch that was used on sofas and cushions; The Patrons also Witnessed furniture as fashion with custom designed chairs repleted with zips and wheels. YOC'A also reintroduced the cabinet in the drawing room concept, showcasing this in varying sizes and proportions with details such as block printing on the inside and intricate inlay on the outside. Paired with selected art, fabrics and lights, YOC'A was suggesting a complete interior look.

Speaking on the new collection Sarah, Ahsan and Zayd said: "We are excited about this collection as it gives us the opportunity to show some of our very unique pieces alongside the more affordable, yet luxurious, ones. We feel it gives the YOC'A client accessibility to some designs that appear only in our interiors, and also allows us to demonstrate how we at YOC'A pair pieces together. We are thrilled to indulge in the revival of crafts such as hand cross stitch and inlay. We have worked very closely with the craftsmen to develop this. This season we have had some fun with glass, so over all it's a good collection"

Looking forward, the artists at YOC'A will also be announcing a series of Fashion and Artistic collaborations in June/July 2013.