The Ultimate Detox

The Ultimate Detox was founded by Salina Taqi and Fuzzy Faruque as a natural and purifying regime to cleanse your body, help you lose weight, rebalance your system and renew yourself in the privacy of your own home. Salina a universal and Vinyasa certified instructor and Fuzzy a fitness trainer with a certification for health coaching and juicing for health together make an excellent team of experts teaching the value of making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle change, having gone through this turn themselves in their own personal journeys.

The first of its kind in Pakistan,the Ultimate Detox offers an array of nutrient filled fresh cold pressed raw juices giving everyone the safe option of undertaking a detox as needed: Yearly, seasonal or even monthly. The idea behind Juicing is to give your body a break and allow it to heal itself, giving your digestive system a rest from the constant intake of heavy foods such as meat & dairy. Nutrients from the juice are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream giving you instant nourishment, radiance & energy. 

All Ultimate Detox juices are prepared using a cold-pressed juice that maintains the essence of the fresh produce and enables your body to maximize the absorption of nutrients in their purest form. This breakthrough in technology ensures that the juice is extracted by pressing instead of grinding, so vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes remain undamaged, unheated and readily absorbable. One can either opt for a juice only cleanse, or then try the juices individually.

All Ultimate Detox juices are currently stocked at Agha's, Necos Dolmen, Necos Bukhari, Nahid Superstore & StudioX. Visit out Blog for the latest in health essentials and nutritional tips and advise from Salina and Fuzzy.

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Stockists: Agha's, Necos Dolmen, Necos Bukhari, Nahid Superstore & StudioX