Long gone are the days when Karachi was known as the city of lights. It is now more apt to call it the city of bazaars. Every neighbourhood in this megacity has a bazaar of its own and to make it even better, the ambience of the chaotic yet colourful shopping spots in itself brings so much vigour to city’s heaving landscape. While we’re all aware of the many bazaars throughout the cosmopolitan, there’s something unique coming up for all the Karachi’ites out there. The city is about to witness the most exciting shopping spell of all time.

Organised by DK Events, along with Imran Qadri and Saleem Bhatti have lined up a massive surprise for the people of Karachi – the Pakistan Global Bazaar. Karachi, after having celebrated countless food festivals, tea festivals, music festivals and what not, is now all set to enjoy the much-needed shopping affair, which is said to be biggest offline shopping event of the country. It’s the season for making the most of the best bargains out there. The Pakistan Global Bazaar is all prepared to offer its attendees a massive line-up of products all under one roof in the heart of the city.

In order to cater to and accommodate an expected footfall of more than 25,000- 30,000 people, the bazaar is all set to be sited at the Global Marquees from the 10 of Ramadan till Chaand Raat. With over 700 brands and stalls ready to take over the venue, shoppers will undoubtedly spoilt for choice. 

The one-of-a-kind bazaar also gives brands an exciting opportunity to showcase the best of the products, generate an enormous amount of sales and test their marketing ideas at this shopping extravaganza powered by Telemart. This historic shopping event will take place during the last 20 days of the blessed month of Ramadan and will leave you with a shopping experience you’ve never witnessed before. A massive line-up of Pakistan’s top couturiers such as Deepak Perwani and HSY, as well as leading clothing brands will be showcasing their Ramadan and Eid collections for their customers at the bazaar. The Pakistan Global Bazaar has also taken on board the Pakistan Navy Women Association (PNWA), which is ready to showcase the exquisite handicrafts made by talented women and young girls from all over Pakistan.

The shopping gala will not just make you shop till you drop; in fact, it will offer the most entertaining 20 days for families in Karachi. Considering the fact that Karachi’ites are very serious when it comes to their love for yummy food, as this massive shopping fest has a lot the yummiest treat to offer at this unique bazaar. With an exceptional shopping experience, unlimited fun and scrumptious food, the best is what you get at the Pakistan Global Bazaar. From world renowned chains like McDonald's to local restaurants such as Del Frio, Paramount and Pizza Max to name a few, the bazaar has treats for every type of foodie.

A dedicated food street will have attendees ease off for a while and devour the appetizing snacks and food options. Over 70 food stalls and restaurants are a part of this vibrant bazaar which will add fervour to the already festive atmosphere during Ramadan. The month is certainly the most happening time of the year for families and different types of consumer brands alike and since Karachi’ites are known for celebrating the spirit of Ramadan in their own unique way, the Pakistan Global Bazaar will also give them an opportunity to make the most of this exhilarating shopping affair.

To maintain the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan, the organisers of the shopping gala have dedicated an entire area for attendees to offer namaz, to take some time off from the energetic environ and connect with divinity. The month of Ramadan is festive yet divine and the organisers are all about celebrating the spirit of this holy time of the year.
There is everything for everyone at this family oriented bazaar and to turn it into the most memorable experience for Karachi’ites, a special sufi night performance by the great and gifted Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has also been planned. Apart from the holiness of Ramadan and the otherwise soulful atmosphere, the Pakistan Global Bazaar is something we’re definitely looking forward to.

The bazaar will prove to be one of the most brilliant events of the year, for the Pakistan Global Bazaar’s organiser Mr Danish Khan has around 13 years of experience in event planning and is geared up to utilise the best of his expertise for this grand shopping event of the country.
To ensure the safety and protection of Karachi’ites, the 20-day-long bazaar has been set up with the most coveted security measures. Families, friends, couples and siblings, everyone is welcome to show up at the Pakistan Global Bazaar without having to worry about anything at all. Women, whether alone or accompanied, will have a safe space to shop, eat and enjoy without being apprehensive about anything.