Sana Salman

Sana Salman  uses the modern technique of digital printing to infuse her creations with daring, artistically abstract beauty. She has a progressive sense of style using bold blends of prints inspired from anything from a piece of furniture to jewels to nature.

Her creations identify with adventurous women who aspire to stand out rather than blend in. Her style is truly unique as she invents her own cuts with collars, shoulder lapels and sleek shapes. She uses unusual color blocking techniques mixing and matching various shades to put together a form that is both wearable yet courageous.

Her collections are accessible via appointments and regular exhibits. Visit our Events page for current updates on upcoming collections.

PHONE (+92) (0) 333-211-8005 ADDRESS
Tipu Sultan Road, 70/71 Alhamra society,Karachi.Timings: Mon-fri 11-5pm by appointment

October 2018 Collection