1. Sana Safinaz Launches its World Wide E-Store!

    March 13, 2014

    Sana Safinaz Launches its World Wide E-Store!

    As a Sana Safinaz loyalist you must remember the claustrophobia and stress of lawn exhibitions during the years that they were held in those relatively small event rooms at the Karachi Marriott hotel and later in the sweltering heat of outdoor event marquees and the expo center. Had someone told us then that we would have been able to order Sana Safinaz lawns to our heart’s content sitting at home with a few clicks and as much pre-pondering as desired, we might have laughed!

    But alas the day has finally come where you can order not just the latest S/S’14 un-stitched lawn but their entire selection of retail wear from stitched prints and embroidered pret to their new fusion silk tunics,formal ready-to-wear and very soon accessories as well not just locally but from any corner of the world. Now is the time to pinch yourselves!

    Ofcourse the collections will still be available in exclusive limited edition volumes so you will have to be agile in that regard however atleast you don’t risk putting yourself in harm’s way trying to secure your most coveted lawn suit.

    The website is slick, straightforward, and easy to use employing internationally standardized e-Store formats. Most importantly you can zoom in to inspect every detail from every angle and the outfits are placed on real models rather than mannequins so you can imagine the look you’ll get to the fullest. Standardized size charts are available for reference and DHL along with other reputed international shipping agencies are shipping partners with online tracking of orders integrated into the website. Payments can be made through cash on delivery and Visa/Mastercard with a generous seven day return policy.

    One might say an online store was overdue however just like with their retail stores the design house believes in taking care of every detail to deliver only the best and with the extent of their commercial base both locally and abroad this was no small venture to accomplish. The team has six retail outlets nationwide running smoothly with excellent customer services from well trained staff at each of them.

    The S/S’14 Lawn Collection will go live on Monday 17th March on the Sana Safinaz E-Store, flagship outlets, and at leading lawn retailers. Stayed tuned for our exclusive interview with Safinaz Muneer coming up shortly on the Blog to learn everything you didn’t know about this season’s upcoming lawn!

    Visit the Sana Safinaz E-Store at http://sanasafinazofficial.com/