Secret Closet is proud to reveal that one of the world's leading brands in hair and skin care will soon be launching it's break through technology in professional hair coloring treatment in Pakistan that will once and for all offer a safe, Ammonia free alternative to permanent coloring. 

For over half a century, Ammonia has been considered a prerequisite for lasting hair dye, and therefore its damaging long term effects and ghastly odor must be endured. However recently, there has been talk of a "revolution in haircolor" with the first Ammonia-free permanent color expected to grace leading salons shortly. 

Permanently dyeing hair goes hand in hand with damaging both scalp and hair texture. The process dries out the strands leaving them rough. Ammonia is used to open the hair fiber so that dye molecules can nestle in; a technique about as delicate as a can opener! It also smells horrid and causes a burning sensation on contact with the scalp.

Until now women have had to silently endure their fate however not for long. The leading hair care experts claim to be the first to "remove ammonia and deliver amazing results". Although some semi-permanent hair dyes claim to be ammonia-free, they gradually fade and fail to uniformly cover grey. Keep visiting for more exclusive information regarding the release of this product shortly!