Rabeeya Moin

Rabeeya Moin is a label associated with simple elegance. Her designs are in keeping not only with the latest trends,but also the dynamic lifestyles of the modern women who wear them. Her style philosophy is to have the clothes mould themselves to the wearer's personality- not the other way round.

Rabeeya works with beautiful motifs based on nature and art. Combining them with loose contemporary shapes and colors her work is stylish and wearable. She pays attention to minute details using buttons, borders and laces to give a polished look to each creation.

Rabeeya's collections are conveniently stocked at The Designers boutique in Karachi and Lahore. Please visit our Events page for her upcoming exhibit details.


Contact: rabeeya.moin@gmail.com

Phone: (+92) (0) 322-231-6778

Address: Stocking at The Designers boutique on 26th street, Block IV, Clifton, Karachi and Dubai.