Presenting 'Soh Dafa' by Sana Safinaz Acoustics!

Sana Safinaz Acoustics | Fashion – Music Interlock!

Fusing Fashion with Music to bring out one of the best on display, presenting Sana Safinaz Lifestyle series with music records to create a new paradigm. Keep following us to hear the latest records very soon!

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  1. SNAP SHOT - Mifrah Bridals

    SNAP SHOT - Mifrah Bridals
    Model:  Fauzia Aman
    Label:  Mifrah
    Photographer: Umair Bin Nisar
  2. Shehla Chatoor 'All the Raj' for FPW'15

    Shehla Chatoor 'All the Raj' for FPW'15
    'All the Raj' showcased at FPW'15 as the opening act for Day 1 celebrates Shehla Chatoor's 20 years in fashion. View the full ramp show case with music for the show especially done by EMU and a very special thanks to Hadiqa for her soulful songs.