Parchabafi by Nida Peracha

Parchabafi has been founded by Nida Peracha to recreate and innovate traditional themes through fashion. The label derives its meaning from the phrase 'those who mill fabric' as the family has been associated with pristine quality textile design and manufacturing for decades. Nida uses her inherent experience to create statement clothing for the contemporary woman.

While Nida as been designing for family and friends for a while now she recently branched out into her own business with a studio based in Karachi and her designs are exclusively stocked at multi-brand stores Karighar and FPL.

The brand is divided into five main lines. Vignette is for the sociable, employed or academically acquiring woman and offers a very off-the-cuff, relaxed and contented balance. Blend provides the optimal attire for semi-formal evening events. Be it a quaint tea-party with your friends or a formal family gathering. Engraved caters to clients requiring a more occasion oriented look. Perfect for weddings and such, the engraved line consistently and impeccably delivers detailed embroidery and all the associated glamour. The Concept collection provides the complete custom design experience with consultation and unique craftsmanship. Abstract is the epitome of Parchabafi‚Äôs contemporary nature, a line that is consistently evolving delivery of the latest fashions and trends before they even present themselves to the arcade.

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Phone: +92 21 35250930

Address: Studio in DHA, Karachi by appointment | Stocking at Karighar 1st Floor,Ocean Mall, Karachi | FPL Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi