Burger King and Pepsi International held a thoroughly entertaining media event on December 3, 2013 to celebrate their partnership. The event started off with the blue carpet at which several Pepsi and Burger King Management members who had flown in from all parts of the world shared their favorite combos with the host Momal Shiekh. The turn-up was astounding with a galore of celebrities such as Sarwat Gillani, Fahad Mirza, Raana Khan, Immo, Momal Shiekh, Shehroze Sabzwari, Palwasha Yusuf, Tabassum Mughal, Zahalay Sarhadi, Meera Ansari, Rabya Chaudry, Naeem Haq, Nina Lotia, and many more.

The unveiling was clean, short and simple; as an announcement was made and the guests seated themselves, the lights switched off. The waiters walked in with glowing trays carrying the combo meals, much to the audience's delight, and the audience happily partook of their meals. There was also a "Perfect Combo sign-up wall" on which the guests shared their favorite combos; surprisingly a lot of them wrote, "Whopper & Pepsi."

Opening the musical part of the show was Rubya Chaudhry with an acoustic number with Shallum Xavier from Fuzon. This act was followed by a smashing performance by Zoe Viccaji + Shallum Xavier and Immo from Fuzon; most definitely a fantastic combo. Last but not the least Fuzon and their new singer, Khurram set the stage alive. With Khurram's fantastic vocal ability, the crowd kept asking for more. Event & PR: BodyBeat Productions