The Nida Azwer Atelier will be presenting the full extended version of the 'Kothari Parade' collection that was showcased at a recent private fashion show in London, at the upcoming Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2014. 

In keeping with the designer's obsession with the Subcontinent's rich history, 'Kothari Parade' takes inspiration from the royalty and revelry of the Mughal Courts beautifully captured through the age old hand crafted intricate techniques of the very era it aims to immortalize.

We bring you an exclusive glimpse at the collection in process for the show. Nida Azwer hand picks the finest raw materials including fabrics such as French Chantilly lace, fine silks, Maysuri, brocades, nets and cotton nets in a range of hues featuring shades of red, rust, navy blue and turquoise with accents of purple and grey. Nida will also introduce authentic "aunchi goth ka ghara" layered panel shirts and lenghas paired with jackets and net duppatas for this showcase.

As always Nida Azwer's showcases are one of the few most coveted presentations of any Bridal Week. Stay tuned for the detailed ramp collection review coming up soon after the show.