Nesvita has always been an ally for women, constantly asking them to prioritize their health. The campaign, “Woman of Strength” was all about creating awareness to help women understand the needs of their own body and determine what could help them in living an active and full life. This campaign received a lot of positive feedback and the slogan, “Bones strong, tou mein strong” inspired women to include Nesvita in their daily lives.

Sticking to its core message, this year the brand has come out with a thought provoking campaign, “What Moves you?” – a simple yet incredibly poignant question which forces you to stop and think.

This incredibly stirring video came out on Women’s Day, making it all the more thoughtful. Nesvita nudged them to do a little soul searching by asking what moved them, what their dreams were and what they were passionate about. The responses were very relatable and as you deliberate over it, trying to come up with an apt answer, it hits you that you haven’t given it a lot of thought. Next comes, ‘why’. Why is it so difficult to answer a question which is about yourself? Why have you not thought about what matters to you and what drives you to do your best? We can bet that most answers revolve around others! Making sure that the people we love are doing well is often enough to keep us motivated but at the same time, it is essential to figure out our own path. What would we like to do in that little bit of me-time that we are able to get?

Taking the same thought a bit further, Nesvita’s giveaway card asked women to respond to a very important question through a heartfelt message. The giveaway included a T-shirt as well as 2 Nesvita packs, ensuring the physical health of all the recipients.


This campaign definitely helped women figure out their passions or at least inspired the thought of finding out. So many women, have taken the time to participate in this campaign and that, in itself, is quite moving. The answers are varied; while some women have chosen their kids and families, plenty have responded keeping themselves first and that’s the way it should be. Each woman is unique, has a right to choose and has a voice; what she chooses matters, how she wants to achieve her goals matters and what matters the most is her right to talk about her passions with the same enthusiasm as everyone else.

Nesvita provoked that thought, it enabled women to allow themselves a few moments, where the world revolved around them, and see if their life was everything they wanted.