"I'm thrilled and really looking forward to learn in a highly professionalized environment. The exposure to a globalized industry will create networking opportunities and give me a better understanding of marketing and positioning products that Pakistani craft is endorsed for its skill and finesse and not just patronized for philanthropic reasons.

I hope the understanding acquired in this trip will have a multiplier effect.

I'd like to thank the British council for providing me this fantastic opportunity; my clients for supporting   Inaaya and the amazing artisans for their belief in me."

About Young Creative Entrepreneur- Fashion/Design Award "“ 2014:

The British Council's Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) programme celebrates, supports and connects the most exciting entrepreneurs who are innovating the creative and cultural industries around the world.

The Young Creative Entrepreneur award provides a fantastic opportunity to make cultural and business contacts and to network with a diverse group of international entrepreneurs. Since 2004, we have had nearly 400 participants from 51 countries across the world come to the UK, and these are just part of an active international network of over 3,000 members (participants, applicants and wider contacts).  

Country winners will participate in a shared tour of the UK's fashion and design sector. The programme allows the winners to gain unique access to and insights into the UK industry, as well as providing a fantastic opportunity to make a wide range of business contacts that will act as a springboard for future business/collaborations between the UK and internationally. The tour will run from 13 "“ 20 September 2014 while London plays host to London Fashion week and London Design week.

The deisgner shared with Secret Closet that renowned Pakistani designer based in London, Omar Mansoor will also be showcasing an exclusive Inaaya garment designed and created by Naushaba Brohi as part of his runway showcase on 13th September at London Fashion Week. The creation has been inspired by the Liminal Collection that was showcased at FPW6.

Source: BritishCouncil.pk