Nabila Launches N-Gents

  1. Created by industry renowned Nabila, the brainchild of Zair Maqsood - 'N-Gents', is an upscale and modern-day men's Barbershop prepared for the discerning male who appreciates the finer things in life. Sparing no attention to detail, a sophisticated atmosphere has been created which can be referred to as a blend of world-class contemporary and old-world classics.N-Gents is in a class of its own, setting new standards for quality men's grooming in Pakistan.

    In addition to old fashioned 'Barbershop' related services such as shaves, cuts and massages, N-Gents offers an extensive list of ultimate grooming solutions that fulfils just about every requirement of the modern-day man with the sort of charm and luxury that our forefathers may have had the privilege to experience. While being easy on the pocket with its multi-tiered pricing, it operates with a high level of standard and professionalism where utmost importance has been given to staff-training, products used and pristine hygiene standards - all of which are based around the essence of absolute customer satisfaction.

    Event Photography: Ahmed Jalbani (Mural images), Kamran Naqvi (Event Coverage)

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