Mina Siddique

There is no greater accessory than the one that has been designed from a pure artistic perspective. Putting her heart and soul into each piece, Mina Siddique uses her talent to create soulful pieces that range from home decor to fashion accessories. Blending chic elegance with definitive emotion the result is a boho-chic as well as classic traditional range of avant-garde lamps with strong statement themes, leather and silk cushions with a medley of bright color tones, hand worked ensembles, custom made handbags, one of a kind scarves and much more!

A graduate of the Indus Valley School of Art in Karachi, Mina Siddique started her multifaceted label in January 2013 following an 11 year career at JWT in Dubai as an Art Director. An artist as well as graphic designer by training, Mina is on a quest to bring a new meaning to modern and contemporary art. Having taken Dubai and Karachi by storm with her one of a kind artistic creations, the Mina Siddique label mixes modern with traditional, resulting in a beautiful play of paradoxes. 

Placing no limits on the variety of mediums used for her expression, each creation is born from the dark stark sweeps of black and white pen and ink by the designer herself. As the work develops she adds color and dimension with fearless skill, featuring a palette that is deep, rich and dramatic. Canvases are filled with movement and intricate detail each customized to the respective work of art. With this unique process being behind every invention, originality is certainly guaranteed. Having launched a successful home collection that compliments any decor style, the label has also branched out to silk scarves that have been a huge hit in addition to recently exhibiting a pret and handbag collection that is inspired by original Mina Siddique design prints.

Mina's Collections are available in Dubai from Ode De Rose a high end boutique, Gallery Lafayette and The Pink tree in Karachi. She has also participated in various prestigious exhibitions including The Fashion Forward 2015.

PHONE +971 55 88 26 876, +92 (0) 300 8284433 EMAIL mina.siddique@gmail.com WEBSITE http://www.minasiddique.com/ FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/Mina-Siddique-426508560760324/timeline INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/mina.siddique/