Mariam Bukhari

Mariam Bukhari is an up and coming Karachi based luxury pret label that is quickly carving an up market niche for its quintessential yet on trend eastern wear. Founded in 2013 Mariam has a passion for creating the perfect outfit for any occasion, therefore her expertise lies in both formal occasion wear and fusion pret. 

Mariam's designs reflect poise and confidence that she believes every stylish woman must possess. She works with classic silhouettes infusing her innate sensibilities to re-invent them into contemporary luxury wear that stands apart. She uses skilful layering and volume for her formals in pure rich fabrics giving them a regal appeal with traditional hand work and beautiful use of understated colors. Her pret wear is equally chic comprising of stunning statement jackets and well tailored trousers and jumpsuits.

Specializing in customized ensembles Mariam Bukhari designs according to an individual client's comfort and taste. Her creations are available on order via appointments while she also stocks her pret wear at Labels and Cocktail multi-brand store in Karachi. 

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Phone: +92 321 212 7692 By appointment only

Address: By appointment | Stocking at Labels, Main Khe Shamsheer, Karachi | Cocktail multibrand store on Main 26th Street, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi