Lakhany Silk Mills

Established over half a century ago, Lakhany Silk Mills Private Limited (LSM) is one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturers of textiles. It has built a strong, steady and long-standing reputation as being a pioneer in Pakistan’s fashion industry. From humble beginnings in 1952 to the Summer Collection of 2015, LSM has not only thrived in a competitive environment, but has evolved and progressed into a market leader, being a innovator that introduces trends that become fashion staples in Pakistan’s textile industry.

With changing trends and fashion choices, LSM remains ahead of the game by consistently innovating and delving into new methods to reach a wider audience. From retail partnerships to designer collaborations and specialized collections that target specific groups are just some of the branches that have helped in LSM’s enduring and steady success.

Offering a versatile product range demanded by the modern woman of today including casual kurtis that offer quick, easy and stylish fashion fixes to smart, elegant designs for formal occasions, LSM’s vision is to provide top of the line, quality clothing at an affordable price. Today, LSM’s diverse palette of brands includes Komal, Rosette, Charlotte and a host of collaborations including Farah Talib Aziz and Zainab Chottani that target summer, winter, formal and casual wear.

Fabrics range in materials from silk and chiffon to jacquard and cotton with new, fresh prints and embroideries that have made their mark in both the industry and in earning a loyal mass market clientele. Stay updated with their latest mid-summer collections on our Blog and Bulletin.







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Address: Estore: | available through leading retail fabric distributors nationwide.