[Karachi: 10 March 2013]: This year, leading jewellery designer Kiran Aman commemorates nine years of her brand Kiran Fine Jewellery [KFJ]. To celebrate this, she revealed a photographic exhibition and launched the book "Kam Sukhan' at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture on the 09th of March 2013.

With the "Kam Sukhan' book launch and exhibition, Kiran Fine Jewellery celebrates nine years of adorning and embracing the essence of women in Pakistan through the extraordinary talents of nine photographers: Adeela Badshah, Farah Mahbub, Insiya Syed, Khaula Jamil, Lali Khalid, Mahwish Rizvi, Nazia Akram, Shalalae Jamil and Quratulain Khalid " almost all of whom were present at the launch event.

Also in attendance at the launch were fashion designers Feeha Jamshed, Nida Azwer, Misha Lakhani, Maheen Khan, Maheen Karim, Adnan Pardesy and Sadaf Malaterre; stylist Rukaiya Adamjee; photographers Amean J, Arif Mahmood, Fayyaz Ahmed, Kohi Marri and Tapu Javeri; TV personality Mahira Hafeez Khan and Saima Mohsin; Brands and External Communications Manager Unilever Pakistan Fareshteh Aslam; poet Faraz Maqsood Hamidi and key media personalities. Public Relations for the event was handled by Lotus.

On the launch of "Kam Sukhan', publisher and jewellery designer Kiran Aman has said, "A woman's soul carries her deepest glories. From her inhibitions, struggles, and fears, you'll learn of patience, forbearance and resolve and in time you will find that her spirit, ever-undaunted, is a pearl made of steel. Indeed these nine years have been a celebration of women for me and my brand, and Kam Sukhan captures this essence of a woman and brings it forward tangibly through a book and photographic exhibition."

Excerpts from within 'Kam Sukhan' from the nine photographic artists on the essence of the KFJ Woman and their works inspiration, as captured through their lens:

- Adeela Badshah: A woman is many different things; sensual, compassionate, adaptable and above all, emotionally strong.

- Farah Mahbub: Here is a collection of a few words out of the many amassed over the years; mostly during the sublime encounters with my spiritual teacher. The power of the word lies not in understanding it's meaning, but in the resonance of its inspiration deep within as one waits with patience and longing.

- Insiya Syed: A picture is worth a thousand words. And sometimes for every thousand stories there is a single word. One of those words is "mother'.

- Khaula Jamil: Every woman in my pictures has a story of love, dedication, inspiration and resilience.

- Lali Khalid: The wondrous aspects of a woman's essence are what she carries forward through all that the world brings her.

- Mahwish Rizvi: This fantastical series is inspired by the philosophy of existentialism, focusing primarily on Jean-Paul Sartre's theories.

- Nazia Akram: Despite living within perimeters prescribed by others, she manages to adapt and embody the environment she is part of. She is a little girl, cocooned in the safety of her home, seemingly just a part of the scenery yet in actuality, she is the force holding the entire family together. She blazes in the sky, bright and giving a part of the whole, yet so essential.

- Shalalae Jamil: A rumination on how the female body or face projects itself towards the camera, each image creates its own (potential) narrative.

- Quratulain Khalid: In trying to capture the essence of the Pakistani woman, my body of work is based on a series of self-portraits.

In addition to "Kam Sukhan', Kiran Aman will also be introducing "NINE' in 2013 " a book archiving and documenting 9 years of collections and custom-designed pieces as crafted by Kiran Fine Jewellery.

For more information, please visit: www.kiranfinejewellery.com, www.facebook.com/kiranfinejewellery