Lights, Fashion, Music! The Sana Safinaz brand is acclaimed for its trendsetting new ideas related to the world of fashion. However this time the leading cult label goes a step further in making an innovative and original mark that combines the two artistic expressions of fashion and music. Intrigued?

Sana Safinaz Acoustics aims to celebrate both talented established and upcoming new female artists by providing them with a professional platform to work together and give way to their creative impulses. Much more than just a clothing brand, Sana Safinaz is a way of life defined by exemplary sophisticated style and chic modernism that includes fashion, home, and now music.

For the debut recording of the first session of Sana Safinaz Acoustics, the iconic label chose none other than their immensely talented young ambassador and artist, Zoe Viccaji who represents the perfect blend of style and song. She recorded her famous song "˜Raat Gaye' with her sister Racheal at the Sana Safinaz Home Interiors studio. 

We bring you a look at the behind the scenes coverage of the studio recording with Zoe wearing the stunning signature gold gota work jacket by Sana Safinaz. This is the first of more SS Acoustics releases to follow. Watch out for the project that will bring outstanding collaborations from famous musicians and new found talent going forward.

We will keep you updated with the official release of the solo performance by Zoe as well as their upcoming live recording. Stay tuned!

Video and set-up by Black Productions