Insam by Insia Sohail, the popular pret brand known for stocking at the hottest multi-brand stores in Pakistan and the UAE, recently opened their own flagship store in the heart of the city's luxury hot spot in Bukhari Commercial Area Karachi. Founder Insia Sohai has built a strong reputation over the years for her contemporary aesthetic born out of the traditional and the ajrak print is one of her signature marks.

Along with the timely opening of their boutique, Insam has also gone digital with a full scale estore offering all their latest ready-to-wear and luxury designs for worldwide shipment. Visit their Estore at

Insam store: 44-C ,Lane 1, Bukhari Commercial,Phase 6 D.H.A,Karachi ,Stocking at Labels Estore | Esemble One  | Ensemble Lahore | Estore: