After a massively successful opening in Karachi in July 2015, Kapray, leading the market in bringing you a diverse product line that ranges from menswear, womenswear, childrenwear and shoes to home textiles and accessories, has expanded as a company and has launched itself by opening six stores in different parts of the nation. 

The company, which prides itself on crafting unique one-of-a-kind clothing line to fit a complete spectrum of the most simplistic people to the out-going do it all sorts, has made its appearance in Hyderabad, Lahore and Islamabad with an assortment of various events and activities.

A list of high-spirited and wide-ranging events had been categorically organised by Kapray in preparation for their Grand Launch this winter. Starting off the winter festivities in Hyderabad on the 17th of December with none other than, Anoushay Ashraf and other celebrities in charge of hosting and boasting the vibrant details of Kapray's stores, the bandwagon moved to Lahore on the 18th of December, where Lahore saw Kapray launching two stores in the city's best locales. A large crowd of citizens, celebrities, socialites, media folk and bloggers attended the expertly organized Launch event. Juggan Kazim was her charming self as the host for the evening wearing Kapray's Digital Pret Collection. The ever mesmerizing tune of Noori, the band, was the highlight of the event and they even went further with expressing their magic of music by performing a few of their popular tunes from their new album. 

Kapray, then took the capital (Islamabad) by all will and force on the 19th of December, at Centaurus Mall, where Uzair Jaswal performed his melodious notions and beats to the hustle and bustle of Kapray and its state of the art stores. A large crowd of citizens had gathered outside the store in wait for the store to be unveiled. After a countdown from the staff, the doors were opened and a massive group of people entered the store perusing the products on offer. Socialites, media folk and bloggers also attended the event. Sulmeen Ansari was the host for the evening wearing Kapray's Pret Collection. 

The grand launch ended in Karachi with Kapray launching its Flagship Store on the 20th of December, which brought the city of lights to a standstill with its extensive designs portraying and showcasing its winter collection. The store opening attracted a large crowd of people, media folk and bloggers amongst them. 

Kapray, in the midst of launching six highly motivated to consumer satisfaction stores, also launched its superlative, art and nature inspired Winter Collection featuring Digital Pret and unstitched components in varied, eclectic designs with a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours. Unleashing the path to a new era, a psychedelic, whimsical, art-inspired offering, it promises to fuse elements from nature to elevate every design into a unique representation of the bold Kapray aesthetic.