A smooth leadership transition through a democratic process led to the next generation of entrepreneurial young designers taking over the reins of Fashion Pakistan Council from Chair Person Shamaeel Ansari, CEO Maheen Khan, and Creative Director Deepak Perwani. The independent minded and immensely talented Sanam Chaudhri who was also an executive member of the previous Board was unanimously elected the new Chairperson of the Council yesterday. The new Board elected Wardha Saleem as CEO, another extremely creative young designer who has shown consistent excellence over the years in all her endeavours, and the brilliant and always individualistic Maheen Karim as Chief Spokesperson for the Council.

Other new members of the esteemed Board are Sania Maskatiya, Mahin Hussein, Obaid Sheikh, and Nauman Arfeen. One thing all the members have in common is their new age ideas and keen understanding of business. "You don't need to be an edgy fashion designer to be on the council, you need to be smart,business savy, and have good ideas" said Sanam when we asked her about the criteria for being on the board.

The new team led by Sanam Chaudhri is excited and full of ideas. According to the new Chairperson they have a fantastic team of bright minds who are very excited to stir trade and build bridges abroad to help the industry gain a stronger foothold outside Pakistan as well. "We want to do more than just have fashion weeks every six months, fashion weeks are not the only responsibility of the council" said Sanam optimistically.

The council will be holding a Press Conference next month after which a calendar of the institute's planned events will be released throwing light upon what is in store. What we can expect are plenty of innovative and well executed events both local and international going forward that will bring in not just one off showcase designers but a string of new commercially viable labels to the forefront. We wish the team the best of luck in their endeavours.