Din Industries

SNM, a clothing brand by Din Industries brings a unique world of fashion and style to you. The captivating prints aim to shape new moments in your life. With a wide variety of prints ranging from ethnic to abstract, the finest quality of fabric, SNM is all set to make an impression in the fashion world.

Din Industries has combined their expertise to bring you premium-clothing brands inclusive of SNM, Pal and Silveen. A team of professionals with many years of experience and a great sense of design aesthetic, work their core to create tantalizing colour palettes, exceptional graphics and detailed embroideries. A series of brands built with a passion for the best! 


Contact: Info@snmstores.com

Website: http://snmstores.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/snmstores?fref=ts

Phone: 04235321206

Address: Din Tower, 1 Green Acre, 7km Raiwind Road, Lahore,Lahore, PK