The esteemed House of Deepak Perwani  nominated by the European Fashion Council has won 6th position in the Bulgarian Fashion Awards (BFA). The Eirene Awards, named after the Greek goddess of peace, is better known as the Bulgarian Fashion Awards, in association with Camera Moda and the Bulgarian European Council.

Mr. Perwani has been honored with the special worldwide award and holds 6th position in the International Bulgarian fashion awards Eirene 2014Having been selected amongst the top ten fashion designers from the Middle Eastern region, Perwani is proud and overwhelmed to represent his country and the industry at large for the award.

The Management Board of the National Fashion Chamber of Bulgaria announced the international award recognition to the house of Deepak Perwani. This prestigious award selected nominees from nine global regions with only the top ten of the best designers chosen from each region to compete for the awards. 

International Awards

  • NUMBER ONE IN THE MIDDLE EAST Deepak Perwani won the First place for the MIDDLE EAST and has landed in the TOP-10 fashion designers and brands in the world! 
  • FANS FAVORITE BFAs 2014. A Winner of the Special Worldwide FANS FAVORITE Award in the global fashion industry.
  • UNIQUE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS BFAs 2014. A Winner of the Special Worldwide Award for the UNIQUE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS in the global fashion industry
  • PHILANTROPHY by CHARITY and HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT BFAs 2014. A Winner of the Special Worldwide Award for the PHILANTROPHY by CHARITY and HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT of the global fashion industry
  • 6th PLACE IN THE WORLD With final score of 7 925.77 points Deepak Perwani holds 6th place in the World 2014.

Mr. Perwani has won 6 Lux Style Awards, Indus Style Award, Best International Collection at Miami Fashion Week, Malaysia & Colombo, 4th Global CEO Excellence Award and features in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest Kurta ever made.

We congratulate Deepak Perwani and his entire team on this remarkable achievement and thank him for bringing acclaim to our country with this recognition.