The celebrated design house of Deepak Perwani has been honoured with the esteemed nomination for the upcoming Bulgarian Fashion Awards. Having been selected amongst the top ten fashion designers from the Middle Eastern region, Perwani is proud to represent his country and the industry at large for the award.

If successful this will be the third international award recognition presented to the label. The prestigious award selects nominees from nine global regions with only the top ten of the best designers chosen from each region to compete for the award. There are three assessment rounds leading up to the final award. The first round determines the top three finalists and is dependent on audience votes followed by academic judgement rounds and detailed analysis.

Deepak Perwani fans can help him to win the first round of awards by voting for the designer on the Bulgarian Fashion Awards Facebook Page by liking the post. Your vote will determine him in the Top-3 Finalists. Voting ends on 22nd June so hurry and send in your votes now! The final winner will be awarded the title along with the prize of 25,000 Euros.

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