Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio

Revered for his irreverent approach towards fashion, Ali Xeeshan took to the industry by a storm with his unorthodox interpretation of the fashion world and his unprecedented creativity which quickly made him one of the most sought after names in the industry.  He has since then marked his territory with bold and artistic designs with a creative flair for fashion. While predominantly a couturier focusing on formal and bridal wear, Ali has also diversified into a prêt-à-porter line, menswear collections and a complete range of accessories.   

A graduate of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design, Ali Xeeshan's major creative force has been his ability to think outside the box. When striking designs meet bold creativity that's when an Ali Xeeshan ensemble is born.  Working on the cutting edge of contemporary fashion, not to mention unafraid of dealing with some difficult questions that sit at the very heart of his practice (fashion is, after all not just about clothes), the designer has never tried to please the people of the industry.  His insistence on retaining his sense of self has kept him humble, undistracted and has not affected is creative abilities. "I believe that every fashion designer needs to season and bring out their own creative flair rather than trying to follow things that have already been done and dusted. For me fashion is a language that can be translated into so many beautiful different interpretations".   

Ali Xeeshan's unconventional approach to fashion has set him apart from other designers. Developing his own signature mix of architectural shapes with distinctive prints on luxurious fabrics to make clothes that are elegant and practical. The eponymous label has made a significant clientèle because of his unique touch on bridal couture and some elegant, easy on the eyes prêt pieces. His quirky aesthetic and bright silhouettes always make his collections an ethereal standout on the ramp.

Flamboyant dandyism, frivolity and eccentricity are exactly what the fashion world has come to love about Ali Xeeshan, who has been lavishly praised by the style press and tipped as the most exciting new talent to emerge from Pakistan in years. Just a few years have gone by since he presented his debut collection to a formidable front row, but in that time he has managed to win over the critics with a combination of impeccable tailoring, fresh designs and decorative flair.

Besides fashion, Ali Xeeshan has been a timeless patron of art. His theatrics on the ramp and his ability to bring a dramatic flair to everything portrays him as one complete performer in its full artistic sense.  The designer has never held back in putting forward his views and has become one of the most anticipated fashion designers to be seen on the ramp. 

One of the brightest fashion stars of the industry, he is not just about to sit on his laurels yet. He says,' I have been given tremendous love by everybody but my vision goes far beyond that. I regard myself as an entertainer as someone who's artistic ability can be portrayed in everything he does.  Fashion is a medium that can speak volumes, bridges the gap between cultures, allows human expression like nothing else can".  The designer is the first to admit that of all his muses, he himself remains the most important. 

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