Abbas Carpets

Abbas Carpets, a subsidiary of Abbas Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. has been a cornerstone of the carpet industry in Pakistan for over 40 years. With a rich history embracing the opulent heritage of handmade rugs through an innovative infusion of vintage and nouveau concepts, Abbas continues to grow and embrace the rapidly evolving trends of the global market.

Mohammad Abbas Mirza, the late father of Ali & Tahir Abbas Mirza, founded Abbas Carpets in 1974. In a mere two years, Abbas Carpets established itself as one of the pioneers of organized manufacturing not just in Pakistan, but the world over. The design process at Abbas Carpets has always been evolutionary. Placing an emphasis on producing exclusive, one of a kind designs in unique color-ways not commonly used in the world of carpets is an integral part of their artistic approach to the age old dignified industry. 

At a time when the monotony of Persion rugs and homogeneity in designs demanded an imminent need for a revamp in the handmade rug industry, Abbas Carpets recognized and reinvented the entire process from looming to mounting. The household luxury brand took initiative by introducing the concept of design diversity by creating modern and compelling elaborate textile patterns with a vibrant infusion of color. 

Thereby Classical Persian designs were followed by inspirational works by William Morris & Charles Voysey from the Arts & Crafts movement. The infusion of textile patterns broadened the spectrum of design. French Aubusson and Savonerrie patterns also surfaced and added to the fledgling assortment of designs. The concept of over-dyeing vintage rugs set trends with vibrant, electric hues silhouetting remnants of the past. The infusion of Ikat & Suzani concepts exude an ethnic, yet elegant aura, playing a monumental role in the evolution of the rug industry. 

Combining the best of both worlds - the age-old tradition of handmade carpets with the concept of modern compelling designs, Abbas Carpets embodies the opulent heritage of traditional and contemporary worlds, creating riveting designs as timeless works of art. Watch this space and our Blog for the latest new works from this iconic label.






Phone: (042)-35752350-5

Address: Flagship store: 20-Industrial Area, Gulberg III, Lahore open 9am to 6pm Mon-Sat