If you're a shopaholic, and a food lover, you are probably always on a look-out for reasons to splurge and celebrate. If that's the case then mark your calendars from 9th June - Chand Raat, to experience Pakistan's first Eid Souk.

Organized by Woot Events, Eid Souk will be held at Global Marquees in Karachi, bringing you some of the best shopping and food options from around the country. Here are our top reasons to why you shouldn't miss out on being a part of the incredible crowd at Eid Souk:


Shopping frenzy!

At the Eid Souk, you can quite literally shop until you drop! With brands like Tali, Boheme by Kanwal, HSY, The Pink Tree Company, Nadia Chottani, and many more taking the front, there's no way one can go back empty-handed. Pull up your socks and get ready to fill up your closets with the latest designs in apparels, footwears, jewelry and much more! And did we tell you? Ace stylist Nabila will also be there with her No Makeup!

Food, FOOD and more food!

Let's admit it, food is what unites us. From the most heated online debates starting and ending over the topic of food (read: biryani and pulao debate), to the fact the happiest places in Pakistan are perhaps the food streets, we decided to make Eid Souk a haven for food lovers of all ages.
Join the fun at Eid Souk as some of the well-established names in the food industry join together to bring you the best menus and a variety of food options.

From Mehran Sajji, to Bombay Chowpatty, Bun Ka Baap, Cosmopolitan and so much more. You'll also get to try the trending White Biryani here.

Why shouldn't kids have all the fun?

Dreading going to a public event because of the little ones? Well, you definitely need not to worry about it, as we have it covered!

A BIG FAT play area is being put together for your children to have fun like never before! From the craziest, biggest jumping castles, to train rides, zorb balls, sumo wrestling and so much more. Eid Souk also has a gaming area for the adults, where they can enjoy arcade games, carrom, etc. Here is the summary of Eid Souk: No one is getting bored.